CFP CM Certification in Brief

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM Certification program (CFP CM Certification) is an internationally accepted qualification in the field of Financial Planning, recognized and accredited by the global financial community and organizations. It is regarded as the Highest Qualification in the field of Financial Planning.

The CFP CM Certification course presents opportunities worldwide due its presence and recognition in 23 countries.

The CFP CM Certification program is awarded in India by FPSB India who awards the CFP CM Certification to competent & qualifying candidates fulfilling the 4 E Criteria of CFP CM Certification program i.e.:-

  • Education - A candidate must undergo training of the Financial Planning curriculum of the 6 Modules of the CFP CM Certification course through an Authorized Education Provider.
  • Examination - The CFP CM Certification examination is an online based multiple choice examination conducted over a 2 hour duration (per paper) & the final examination (4 hours) that demonstrates to the public that he/she has the required level of competency to practice in the field of Financial Planning.
  • Experience - The experience requirement qualifies work experience that is approved by the Boardwhich the candidates may complete pre or post appearing for the CFPCM Certification exams.
  • Ethics - To get the CFP CM Certification, candidates must agree to abide by FPSB India’s Code of Ethics, Rules of Professional Conduct, Practice Standards & Disciplinary Rules & Procedures. Careful adherence to these standards of professional conduct helps turn initial consultations into trusted, long term consulting relationships with clients and gain public confidence in the Profession & Certification.
  • Financial Planning Academy (FPA) is an education partner appointed by the board which offers complete support to candidates that aspire to pursue the CFP CM Certification and meet the 4 E Criteria. For more details about FPA you may visit
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